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Stretch marks

Stretch marks are localised on the skin's tension areas. In women, they are found on the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen in particular. In men, they are located in the lower back, on the buttocks and stomach.

A word from the experts

The most common causes of stretch marks are

  • Mechanical effects (weight gain, pregnancy, weight loss, muscle exertion, etc.) that causes connective tissue rupture
  • Growth in adolescence, with a significant increase in size in certain body regions.

It is known that, as a result of these various causes, there is an initial inflammatory reaction leading to the destruction of elastic and collagen fibres.

Dr Emmanuelle Lemery, Noreva R&D Manager

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The Noreva answer?



Because skin well-being is essential at every stage of life, NOREVA Laboratories has developed Strivadiane® Concentrated Anti-Stretch Marks, a global anti-stretch treatment specifically designed to meet the needs of all skin types, in adolescents, adults, pregnant and breast-feeding women. For optimum safety and effectiveness, our dermatological experts have created a specific formula that significantly reduces the size, colour and depth of stretch marks, smoothing and improving the texture of the skin to provide daily comfort and well-being.



Patented combination of stabilised vitamin C and hyaluronic acid with collagen stimulating action to restructure and regenerate the skin. Combined with Elastigene 3D (dill extract), collagen production is restarted. The skin restructures and restores elasticity and firmness.

Smooths stretch marks
Reduces the colour of stretch marks

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