“Having become aware of the current environmental issues,

we are committed to an ecologically-responsible approach to preserve our beautiful planet. ”

Yves-Noël Lepoutre,
Founder of Noreva Dermatological Laboratories



All the formulas of our suncare range are harmless for the oceans. Our water-resistant formulas have been tested by an independent body for their potential ecotoxicity on marine organisms. The results showed that the formulas are not hazardous on corals and microalgae.

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Reduce the packaging of our products

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We agree to reduce the quantity of packaging in the development of our products.
We remove all the leaflets on our products and ensure that we our developments aim to reduce the % of plastic and to use recyclable raw materials or even recycled raw materials as much as possible. We are constantly looking to limit our environmental impact and looking for alternatives to plastics and those derived from petrochemicals in general.

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