Stretch marks

An effective concentrate to prevent and reduce stretch marks!

Stretch marks

An effective concentrate to prevent and reduce stretch marks!

Innovation: Noreva laboratories' expertise in a restructuring and invigorating anti-stretch mark treatment!

Strivadiane®, the first global dermo-cosmetic product that prevents, diminishes and corrects the appearance of stretch marks in one skincare product!

Pregnancy, puberty, changes in weight, etc. can cause the skin to stretch and the appearance of fine streaks on certain areas of the body. Purplish red colour, they gradually leave marks that settle and look like scars.

Noreva Laboratories has developed Strivadiane®, a concentrated skincare product to prevent, diminish and correct the appearance of stretch marks, thanks to its original patented formula.
A high-tolerance minimalist formula containing few ingredients, which is suitable for adolescents, adults and also pregnant women, from the first month of pregnancy, or during breastfeeding.

Patented Cicagen-C and Elastigenic-3D complex

What are they?

Proven efficacy
Unique complex
Triple action

An original patented formula based on a unique combination of active ingredients:
Cicagen-C consisting of exclusive hyaluronic acid (450 kDa) and vitamin C, to limit collagen degradation, stimulate its production and help with skin regeneration.
Elastigenic-3D is a dill extract that restructures and increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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