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Rough, hard skin

Smooth skin is the goal for many of us, and this applies to the whole body. Unfortunately, everyday stresses, long periods spent wearing shoes, tight clothing and so on are no help when it comes to keeping rough skin at bay. Noreva brings you solutions that can help you regain comfort and softness.

A word from our expert

Our laboratories do not overlook any skin problems, even the least glamorous. We dare to offer targeted and specific treatments so you can regain all-round well-being.

Dr. Emmanuelle Lemery, Noreva R&D Manager

What type of skin are you?

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The Noreva answer?



Dry skin, granular-like “hair flesh”, on the upper arms or thighs, scaly, rough skin, ingrown hair after shaving or hair removal, are daily skin problems affecting almost one in four people. Thanks to its lactate content of ammonium, Kerapil® is the solution to address these everyday disadvantages.

It is also particularly suitable for skin prone to hair keratosis.


The essential treatment after hair removal

Formulated to promote the elimination of roughness and limit the formation of ingrown hair on the legs, bikini line and beard, Kerapil® Dermo-regulating Care gently exfoliates the skin.
Whether you are a man or a woman, Kerapil® will be your hair removal friend! It will avoid small unsightly spots and make your skin more beautiful and smoother.

Skin prone to hair keratosis
Tested under dermatological supervision

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Overworked and too often neglected, our feet can have it tough. Although the skin on the feet is naturally thicker, it is no less sensitive. If it is poorly hydrated and irritated, it can dry out or even become damaged. It is important to soothe your feet with the right care.


A combination of new generation targeted active ingredients

An exciting innovation, Epidiane® Foot & Nail Moisturising Cream acts on fundamental mechanisms of the skin to strengthen and nourish, restore supple skin and reduce odours. Its rich texture nourishes the skin and soaks in quickly, allowing easy dressing.

68% more moisturised after 4 hours
1 application per day

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